Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS)

Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS)

We are the consultant for registrations, certifications, and licenses for different services for the small-medium enterprise, importer, exporter, manufacturer, new entrepreneur and more. Our company provides the best kind of subsidy service named SPRS. As a part of the competitive industry, we are occupied in the consultancy services and delivering an array of services and products. In short, we provide every service and product entirely based on the requirements of our clients.

Why prefer SPRS?

In fact, the government of a nation or state is the only best buyer of an alignment of stock. When it comes to Government Stores Purchase Program, it was actually impelled in the period of 1955-56. The vision of this program is to widen the purchase offer on a small scale part. Also, NSIC registers MSEs (Micro & little Enterprises) under SPRS (Single Point Registration Plan) for better interest in the government purchases. If you want to make use of this scheme successfully, you can hire our consultant for quick subsidy services. We are experienced and reliable professionals who help you to know the complete facts about Single Point Registration Scheme.

Interest points of registrations

If the units are chosen under the NSIC’s Single Point Registration Scheme, they need to fit a bill for getting the major points under the “Open Procurement Policy for MSEs (Micro and Small Enterprises) order 2012” like educated by the India Government, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Delhi vide the Gazette Notification on 26th March 2012.

  • Prohibition from the part of EMD (Earnest Money Deposit)
  • An issue of the fragile sets cost-free
  • In delicate taking a scheme, MSEs referring to the amount inside the esteemed band of L1+15 per penny requires in like way be permitted to deliver the something up to twenty percentages of the requirement by cutting down their price to L1 Cost where L1 is truly non-MSEs.

Know the capability

Every endeavour that is enrolled successfully with the DIC (District Industries Center)/DI (Director of Industries) as advantage/collecting tries or having the Entrepreneurs Memorandum Acknowledgement are fit a bill for the enlistment with NSIC exactly under its SPRS (Single Point Registration Scheme).
When it comes to SPRS Certification, it actually yields to Micro & small Enterprise under SPRS, 2003 is extensive for 2 years. Also, it will be energized and researched after that common interim by insisting steady Technical and commercial Competence of successfully enrolled Micro & Small Enterprise in conveying/amazing the stores for that it is enlisted by the NSIC.
The Transitory Registration Certificate with a Monetary Limit of about Rs.5.00 lakhs is offered to the new scaled downscale as well as little ventures which are subject to these following things including:

  • The distinctive foundations and obtaining associations can assert the verifications via our company.
  • For the Small and Micro Enterprises which have newly started their own business development yet not finished 1 quality year. Provisional Registration Certificate is offered to such Small and Micro Enterprises under the Single Point Registration scheme that should be honest to honesty for the period of 1 year simply from the issue date in the awaken of needing an enlistment charge as well as acquiring the fundamental reports.

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