Scheme for Financing Agri-Business Projects with Venture Capital Assistance From Small Farmers’

Scheme For Financing Agri-Business Projects With Venture Capital

Plan for Financing Agri-Business Projects with Venture Capital Assistance from Little Farmers’ Agri-Business Consortium (SFAC)
In order to help propel interests in agri-business broadens and it is also dependent on cultivation a well as bound together activities. Most importantly, it will incite extended commonplace work; urge agriculturists, as well as natural wage, also separate into high regard crops.


  • Individuals, affiliations, creator bundles meet the going with criteria
  • In general, projects give direct access to producers
  • Projects subordinate to agricultural
  • Subordinate bound together convey
  • Bank has recognized assignment for the surrender of term progresses as well as appealing techno business achievability
  • Projects encourage farmers
  • Even separates high regard respects extend develop compensation
  • Usually, minimum project cost must be Rs. 15 lakh even it is also extraordinary up to Rs. 5 crore.

Qualified Persons

This Scheme will be open to following persons

  • Partnership/Proprietary Firms
  • Self Help Groups
  • Individuals
  • Farmers
  • Agripreneurs
  • Producer Groups
  • Companies
  • Units in agri-convey zones

Most importantly, agriculture graduates individually or groups involved in the process of setting up agribusiness wanders. It is also important to preferably outline into associations as well as producer associations under the huge Act.

Great Financing Assistance:

Generally SFAC also Venture Capital to qualifying wanders which is also the proposition of the Notified Financial Institution financing the errand.
However, subsidizing will be repayable back to SFAC after the term credit of advancing Notified Financial Institution it is also differ based on the repayment design or earlier.
SFAC is also provided speculation to agribusiness stretches as well as it is the technique for fragile credit to supplement the money, it is also based on the gap worked out by the approving master under Means of Finance concerning the cost of undertaking subject
(I) 26% of promoter’s esteem or
(ii) Rs 50 Lakh, whichever is lower.
In North-Eastern Region, the Hilly States including Jammu, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir and any bit of the country where the undertaking is progressed by an enrolled Farmer Producers Organization as well as the quantum of subsidizing will be the slightest of the going with:
(I) 40% of the promoter’s esteem
(ii) Rs. 50.00 lakh
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SFAC offers Schemes like Equity Grant and Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme to FPCs to improve the availability of working capital and development of business activities.
Apart from that, SFAC is also promoting the development of small agribusiness due to its VCA Scheme for value-added processing as well as marketing linkages.
SFAC is also implementing the National Agriculture Market Electronic Trading even the main purpose is to provide for a single unified market for agricultural products with higher price discovery for farmers.
SFAC is an exclusive Society even it is completely focused on increasing incomes of small as well as marginal farmers through development as well as aggregation of agribusiness.
SFAC has pioneered the formation as well as it completely ensures the growth of Farmer Producer Organizations as well as the Farmer Producer Companies. SFAC is progressing towards establishing an ecosystem for FPCs as well as FPOs.