Hey! Are you a small business owner? Then, you must be struggling with the delayed tax payments too, right?

Well, if you are paying taxes more than you should, then there are some common mistakes that you must be doing, which is ultimately resulting in high tax payments. One of the common mistakes that business owners do is not planning for tax payments in advance!


Now, check out below listed are some of the essential tips that can help you on How To Save Tax in Businesses!

Tip 1 – Accurate Records

Yes, it’s ‘records’ that proves to be beneficial in doing the right deductions. If you properly maintain the records of your business, then it will be considered as the major step that you can take to reduce the tax liability!

Most of the business owners don’t maintain the accurate records, which ultimately lands them in a situation where they don’t have finances to pay the taxes or maybe tax payments get delayed. To avoid such circumstances, it becomes necessary to maintain accurate records, be it entertainment expenses or office equipment charges.

Tip 2 – Professional Help!

Seeking out for professional help is essential to understand what all you can save. And, accountants can bring a lot of value to your small business. They can save a lot of cost along with the stress that comes along with tax filing and payment.

If you think that it’s an additional cost for your small business, then undeniably it is. However, an accountant can definitely save your money, especially in the long run and can be a valuable advisor too!

Tip 3 – Avoid Intermingling Professional and Personal

You must have heard this so many times, isn’t it? It is the right time to utilize this strategy, which is nothing but avoiding the intermingling of professional and personal finances. It will only create confusions and build stress further specifically when you have to pay the taxes.

Always make sure that you have separate bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards for your professional and personal life to not to intermingle anything and keep a constant track of it!

Tip 4 – Tax Planning!

One of the essential tips for you to know is Tax Planning. It should be an ongoing activity in your business because it is beneficial in making informed decisions on time and also, to make your business financially viable! So, whenever the season of tax comes, you don’t have to fret out how you will pay the taxes and all other dilemmas that you are surrounded with!

Tip 5 – Digital Receipts  

It’s the right time to take advantage of the technology for you and your company’s benefit! Now, you can easily keep the records of the expenses with digitizing your receipts, which ultimately reduces the clutter or mess of paperwork! Moreover, it is a safe, secured and organized way of keeping in track of all the expenses, agreed?


To sum it all up, these were some of the essential tax reduction strategies for small business owners to opt!  To get in touch with the expert GST Consultants in Delhi, the professionals of Consult Avenue have got you covered.

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